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    Information Orion Network V2 Launch!

    super excited and proud!!! thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this happen :)
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    Denizlispor - Introduce Yourself

    Nice to meet and learn more about you!!
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    Spectro - "Introduce yourself"

    Nice to meet you!
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    Mxt - Intro

    I aint even mad
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    Mxt - Intro

    yes ma'am:cool:
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    ilyally - Introduce Yourself :)

    I'm very uneducated when it comes to pc specs LOL, nice to meet you!!
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    ilyally - Introduce Yourself :)

    Nice to meet you too!!:D
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    ilyally - Introduce Yourself :)

    this hit HARD but haha thank youuu
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    Nice to meet you!
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    ilyally - Introduce Yourself :)

    Name: Alyssa Preferred Name: Ally IGN: ilyally Age: 17 Which region of the world are you from?: NA What is your favorite thing about the Orion Network?: The staff team is very kind and respectful :)) One embarrassing moment in your life?: I know I've mentioned this somewhere before but in the...