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  1. Alex

    Information Orion Network V2 Launch!

    rather scared to release my baby out in the wild... but I'm excited for y'all to see it!
  2. Alex

    Fixed (Minor) Fire in the Hub can be extinguished

    I'm going to mark this one as fixed because I have fixed it, but I'll leave the thread open just in case I actually haven't fixed it..
  3. Alex

    Accepted Color chat in every part of the server and /Fly

    Update: Just in case you haven't noticed, /fly saving across hubs has been added!
  4. Alex

    Fixed Sponsoring a cake costs more points than mentioned in the description

    Confirmed as fixed & working properly. Thread closed - thanks for the report!
  5. Alex

    Fixed /msg with an unknown Username leads to an internal error

    Issue noted - thanks for the report :D Thread closed.
  6. Alex

    Fixed Disguise not working for everybody

    Possibly fixed - seems to be working for me. I'll leave the thread open just in case though - please tag me if it's not fixed.
  7. Alex

    Fixed Contributors can see through disguises

    Issue fixed - thanks very much! Thread closed.
  8. Alex

    Fixed Sponsoring a cake costs more points than mentioned in the description

    This issue is being investigated - a cake SHOULD cost 75 points, so it's weird that it shows 50. I've pushed a fix, although I'm not sure whether it'll actually fix anything.
  9. Alex

    Fixed /help is an unknown command

    Out of all the plugins I've ever made, this is the first one where I've forgot to make a custom /help command. That's embarrassing! Completely my fault - a fix will be coming soon. Thread closed.
  10. Alex

    Fixed Getting pulled back when running

    The issue should be fixed - please let me know if it occurs again. Thanks - thread closed.
  11. Alex

    Games end in tie for no reason

    Deathmatches have a time limit per round - tournament rounds are limited to 2 minutes each (at which point, if you're both still alive, a random winner will be picked.) and FFA deathmatches also have a time-limit of 4 minutes to ensure that the game doesn't last forever.
  12. Alex

    Cannot Reproduce Star chat spam

    Unfortunately I can't find a way to reproduce this one. If it happens again, please let me know ASAP on Discord so that I can investigate further. I'll leave this thread stickied so I can respond if I find a fix. Thanks for the report though!
  13. Alex

    Fixed Mods can fly in sg games

    Thanks for the report - fix pushed. Please file another report if the issue still occurs. Thread closed.
  14. Alex

    Fixed Players can see spectators

    Thanks for the report - I'm investigating the issue. UPDATE: Issue should be fixed. If it happens again, please post another report. Thanks for your help! Thread closed.
  15. Alex

    Accepted Color chat in every part of the server and /Fly

    Custom chat colors/colours are only for the hubs, yes - it was designed that way. Adding more options is definitely something we'll look into in the future, I'm glad so many people actually use them! /fly saving across hubs is also a coming soon (bug fixes are a priority at the moment though!)...
  16. Alex

    Accepted /l short for /list

    Nice idea - although it does expose you as kind of lazy... ;) Thanks for the suggestion - added! Thread closed.
  17. Alex

    Information Public Beta Test Announcement

    The wait is finally over. After weeks of tireless work by myself, hours of endless testing, hundreds of suggestions and bug reports - it's now time for the fun to begin. Welcome back to Orion, ladies and gentlemen! (There's nothing that gets the blood pumping like a dramatic introduction, eh?)...
  18. Alex

    Template Developer Applications [CLOSED]

    Hi there! Thanks for showing interest in becoming a developer at Orion. Applications are currently CLOSED. We will keep this thread updated with the latest information! Please submit ALL applications, along with a copy of your CV, to: with the subject line "Developer...
  19. Alex

    Template Bug Report Template

    IGN: Minecraft Version: When did this happen? (Date): Server/Gamemode: Evidence: Description: Example:
  20. Alex

    Username checks out.. ;)

    Username checks out.. ;)