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  1. Dzbs

    __ZED_ - Introduce Yourself

    Nice to know more about you zed!
  2. Dzbs

    Information Orion Network V2 Launch!

    Hello everyone! With our first launch back in 2017, Orion Network has gone far to provide a home to over 100,000 players coming from over 150 different countries. We’ve always strived to bring the best designed game structure for you all, and after many months of hard work and being stuck in...
  3. Dzbs

    ilyally - Introduce Yourself :)

    really? couldn't tell! WE GOT AN OG OUT HERE Nice to know more about you Ally!
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    Denizlispor - Introduce Yourself

    debs kebab
  5. Dzbs

    Spectro - "Introduce yourself"

    Nice to know more about you Spectro!
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    NICE nice to know more about you jordan!
  7. Dzbs

    Mxt - Intro

    DOPE nice to meet ya!
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    boutta see that #1 grind from you then ;)
  9. Dzbs

    Information Public Beta Test Announcement

    let's gooo!
  10. Dzbs

    Updates, updates, updates!

    woo go eggzone!
  11. Dzbs

    Orion Network V2 Returns!

    Hello everyone! Back in 2018 we had to make a heartbreaking decision of shutting the network down. However, these past few weeks a lot of the community has been returning once again, and with that I am pleased to announce that Orion Network will be relaunching with V2 this Summer(third time's...
  12. Dzbs

    think it's time for a return!

    think it's time for a return!
  13. Dzbs

    Orion Network's Status

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've posted any updates, but with this I regret to inform that I have made the executive decision alongside approval from the administration team to shut down all game services of Orion. The current community within PvP, especially within the Survival...
  14. Dzbs

    EU Proxy Release + Global Routing

    Hello everyone! Alongside our work for the big V2 update, we have recently wanted to meet the large demand of providing strong connections to our network around the world. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce the addition of an EU Proxy Network to Orion, with automatic geo-routing...
  15. Dzbs

    Network is back up! :)

    Network is back up! :)
  16. Dzbs

    1 year as an untrained Moderator :')

    1 year as an untrained Moderator :')
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    what the

    what the
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    good luck bois and girls
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    Orion Network Rules Version 3.0

    By joining the Orion Network you agree to have read and accepted our rules and you are aware of the consequences of violating these rules. You may not exploit any loopholes in these rules and you may be punished if you are found doing so. Also note that the administration reserves the right to...