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  1. Daxonic

    Guess who got 500 messages?

    So, today I finally got 500 messages, I would like to thank my family and friends for making this possible. And OrionMC for having a website.
  2. Daxonic

    I don't know if this is a glitch, but I'll give it a try. - Says then it leads you to home.
  3. Daxonic

    400 Message Special?

    What should I do for 400 messages? Show my face? Giveaway? (MC Account).
  4. Daxonic

    Very sad Story. | Were I've been.

    Hey guys, iJava here. And today I want to share something that I've decided to do, you all ask me were I've been. It's time I tell you my story, I'm going to a really rough situation right now, so please don't do anything that will make me lose my mind. On April 5th, 2017 something very sad...
  5. Daxonic

    Thank you Staff!

    Let's just take some time and Thank the badass Staff here on OrionMC. and thank them for everything they do here, events, updates, servers, etc! These guy take the time out of their day and come on the Server and work hard and host these Servers for everyone to join in on! A lot of people would...
  6. Daxonic

    Staff Member of the Month // Suggestion

    Pretty basic. Every month there should be 'Staff Member of the Month' How this will work is I guess you can vote on the forums on which staff member did the most work on the Network the most. Which help you more out of all of them? I got this idea mostly from my school, how they did 'Student...
  7. Daxonic

    Song Sentence // Forum Game.

    So this Forum Game is pretty simple, I'll say a sentence about a song and you guys have to catch along with it. Rules: Only comment 3 times. Don't sing another song. Hello, it's me.
  8. Daxonic

    Say Something Nice to the Person Above you!

    This game is pretty simple. You just have to say something nice to the person above you that post. Rules: Don't say anything mean, only positive things. Only post 3 times, once you've used 3 your out. Starting of with @Hazzy. <-- He'll be missed. :(
  9. Daxonic

    316 // Off-Topic.

    After plenty of research by myself. I've been researching on OrionMC global post. And I'm glad to announce that OrionMC has 316 post due to my smart brain. Thank you everyone for staying on Orion here with us! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Daxonic

    Website Player Shown. // Suggestions on Website.

    IGN: RefusingBans Platform that your suggestion is about (Server, forums or Teamspeak): Forums. Your suggestion (explained in detail): So, like Enjin you have an option were you can show your player on every post you make. You can either make a profile picture or show your player. I don't know...
  11. Daxonic

    Media Section // Rules?

    So, basically. I don't know if I'm suppose to be making this rules, but I would like to make sure the forums stay safe as well as in-game. And I don't know if @TheLastGapple has made these rules yet. So as you know by the title, this thread will be mostly about the Media Section forums. By...
  12. Daxonic

    Testing Signature // Useless Don't Comment.

    I'm just making this post to test out my signature. Don't bother commenting. Thanks, bye. You can comment for feedback that's it. <3
  13. Daxonic

    Happy Birthday, Godcarson!

    Happpy Birthday! Godcarson! Hope you have a good day. :)
  14. Daxonic

    FFA Suggestion.

    IGN: RefusingBans Platform that your suggestion is about (Server, forums or Teamspeak): FFA // Free For All. Your suggestion (explained in detail): Okay so you know. We have all the tools for PvP. Fishing rod, Snowball, Bow, FNS. But we're missing one more thing. I'd love to see cobwebs added to...
  15. Daxonic

    [JavaSkriptz] General Talk // Clan.

    So, uhh... I've been accepted to the Found clan. So don't bother me asking if I can join your clan. Just want to say that I've been accepted and talk about the clan. So if you want to come join me on the clan you can go here If you're willing to apply make...
  16. Daxonic

    [JavaSkriptz] How did you get your username?

    Hey guys iJava ✨here! Just wanted to ask what does your IGN mean to you? Or what does it stand for? People in Minecraft have some funny and some nice looking usernames, some are out of line and some are just right for the gameplay. But when putting in your IGN what does it stand for or even...
  17. Daxonic

    Bug Report // Forums.

    IGN : RefusingBans // iJava on forums. Minecraft Version 1.7 or 1.8: No versions, on the forums. Date it occurred : 3/19/2017 // When website came out. Server it was on (Gamemode) : Forums Update Status. Evidence ( Screenshot or Recording : No evidence needed, it's just a glitch that if you...
  18. Daxonic

    [JavaSkriptz] Get to know me!

    Name: Jacob Sanchez. Preferred Name: JS IGN: RefusingBans Age: I'm 12 as of now, January 27 is my birthday. Which region of the world are you from?: United States, Idaho. What is your favorite thing about the Orion Network?: How the staff team makes sure everything is doing okay on the forums...