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  1. WqreWqlf

    Irl football :p

    Have a watch :)
  2. WqreWqlf

    Fixed Survival Games Little Bug " Oh no! You have lost 5 this game. Players with 1500 points or more most win to gain points" 1. "You have lost 5 this game" - Lost 5 what? It should be " You have lost 5 'points' this game" 2. "Players with 1500 points or more 'most' win to...
  3. WqreWqlf

    Maps and Lobby Board

    Hey guys, i just wanted to give a suggestion towards maps that i found to be very enjoyable and i have another idea which would be interesting to add. So my first point is about maps. I dont know if you remember the server "The Nexus" Bajancanadian's server but i for some reason really enjoyed...
  4. WqreWqlf

    Survival Games Add On?

    Hey guys, Im making this thread today to discuss something that we should consider adding tool the survival games. Its minor but helps and makes it smoother. When you die in survival games the screen goes black all of a sudden in which you no you died and you get randomly teleported to the...
  5. WqreWqlf

    WqreWqlf's Introduction

    Name: Josh Preferred Name: Josh IGN: WqreWqlf Age: 17 Which region of the world are you from?: United Kingdom What is your favorite thing about the Orion Network?: Survival Games One embarrassing moment in your life?: When i fell over in front of a hot girl :/ One cool fact about yourself?: I...