__ZED_ - Introduce Yourself


May 1, 2017
Name: Amel
Preferred Name: ZED
Age: 18
Which region of the world are you from?: Bosnia and Herzegowina
What is your favorite thing about the Orion Network?: Well the Community is really good but the favorite thing for me is to be a part of Staff Team :).
One embarrassing moment in your life?: Falling from stairs in High School ._. ._.
One cool fact about yourself?: Communicative person.
Favorite color? Blue :)
Favorite food? Ćevapčići with Kajmak xD , Pizza and Cooked Fish :)
Who are your best friends in the Community?: @Krement @Exzone :)
Did someone tell you about our servers, If so then who?: It was a Dzbs. Since the server was called Clash Network, after the MCGN was down I wanted to join to Clash Network :), and today Im here on the Orion :D
Are you talented at PvP ? ._. No.
What is your favorite Gamemode?: Survival Games.
When did you first started playing Minecraft?: A long time ago when minecraft was just about to hit beta state.
Who is your favorite Staff member?: @Krement
Who is your favorite Ex-Staff member? @Exzone
What is your favorite Map?: Suvival Games 4.
What is your all time goal while being at the Orion Network?: To keep the community clean :)
What is your favorite Animal?: Roast lamb xD, Shiba Inu & Husky, Dogs. :D
What are your PC Specs?: Potato pc, idk. Some GPU GT420 2GB and 4x Intel procesor.. idk.
What would you do if you were #1 on the Leaderboards?: Get a wife, In that situation I will need to start familly and get rid of that game... ._.
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