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Jul 13, 2016
We haven't been too good with staying on top of the changelogs, so I figured I would write a quick thread sharing the latest development news.

After moving the NA region to the West Coast, we encountered an issue with our new server. Every 12 hours or so, it would crash and become completely unresponsive. This meant that the NA network was completely offline until someone at our datacenter was able to get it started again. After working closely with our host, we have solved this issue and the server is no longer crashing.

In addition to the NA network, we have also upgraded our backend server to allow for faster processing speeds. At the same time, we did a massive backend coding overhaul to make our systems more efficient. The combination of the two should greatly increase Orion's capacity and reliability.

New features
For the last few weeks, there were very few frontend improvements on Orion due to all the reliability issues taking precedence. However, in just 24 hours since wrapping up the backend improvements, we have done the following.
  • Added /party
  • Added the ability to whitelist parties in Hosted SG using /wl party.
  • Fixed the flickering scoreboard in SG and made the timer update every second instead of every five seconds.
  • Fixed hunger going down too fast in SG.
  • Added /sponsor to SG.
  • Added the ability to enable or disable /sponsor in Hosted SG.
NA Central
We are currently looking into moving the NA region to a more central location. The networking at our current NA datacenter is not very good, which is causing some players to have unusually high ping. While we are doing our best to make this happen, please note that a central location is very expensive. We do not have unlimited money!

Emerald Ranks
We have added three more exclusive lifetime Emerald ranks to Orion for a limited time. Once all three have been sold, we will once again remove the rank from our store until further notice. Make sure you claim yours soon! All funds raised will be invested into the network. We appreciate the support from all our donors.

Buy Emerald here:

New Gamemode
For numerous reasons, we have scrapped our original idea for a new gamemode, which we were posting hints for on Twitter. It's amazing how close we were to announcing it completely, but a few crucial things changed, and therefore we have decided to alter our plans. Instead, we will be adding a different gamemode which will broaden the scope of our network. Work on this gamemode will begin soon, and we anticipate a release next month. This is still very tentative of course. :p

Future updates
  • A new custom Spigot with working XP glitch and better knockback (FINALLY). :rolleyes:
  • Map cycling in FFA
  • New Gamemode
  • /join sg from any server.
  • CheatBreaker-only SG servers (assuming that CheatBreaker actually releases and works well). This will replace Trusted Servers which have been removed.
  • A new hub (once we can find someone to do)
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Mar 19, 2017
I've been waiting for these for so long, I love change logs


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Aug 10, 2017
Please try to make the update for servers soon :( I live east cost and I have 117+ ping to Eu and Na but these servers are so good