EU Proxy Release + Global Routing


The Boss
Aug 20, 2016
Hello everyone!

Alongside our work for the big V2 update, we have recently wanted to meet the large demand of providing strong connections to our network around the world. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce the addition of an EU Proxy Network to Orion, with automatic geo-routing towards the nearest proxy available.

By using the IP, you will be routed to the proxy with the least latency.
Our proxies are now properly load balanced to allow connections to both our NA and EU proxies, with priority connection to the proxy with the least latency.
- Countries within North America, South America, and Oceania will be routed to the NA proxy.
- Countries within Europe, Africa, and Asia(with the exception of countries east of India) will be routed to the EU proxy.

Proxies follow a failover process. That way if one of the proxies goes down, all of the incoming traffic will be routed to the other proxy to ensure no downtime for our players. *This is only applicable to the IP*

Each region will have hubs, clan battle servers, and will be integrated together to have global sg servers.

If you would like to use direct IPs to a specific region:
- routes to the North America region
- routes to the Europe region
Keep in mind these IPs do not have failover coverage.

We hope the addition of proxy routing will allow users worldwide to get better connection to our services, as well as allow a greater competitive level with V2 coming out later this year.

- The Orion Network Development Team