Jun 5, 2016

Hello everyone, This thread is for the not to common players on Orion. This will answer some simple questions. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to message one of our staff members.

Along the way Questions could be deleted/added and if you feel that a question should be added please put the question and answer then tag me


Q: What is the Server info?
US Network: play.orionmc.net
Discord: TBA
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OrionNetworkMC
Owned By TheLastGapple and Sylnt

Q: What are the gamemodes?
A: Currently we offer Survival Games & FFA.

Q: Where do I buy ranks and what are the different prices of each rank?
A: You can buy the ranks and find the prices at this link http://store.orionmc.net/

Q: How do I change my forum settings (ex. name or birthday) ?
A: You can leave a message on one of our administrator's profiles asking to do so. https://gyazo.com/2eabc8e95acd9a9a44fac5505a1292f5

Q: Where do I report a bug?
A: If you find a bug - report it here http://orionmc.net/threads/donor-bug.1208/

Q: What Mods are allowed on Orion?
Optifine [All versions]
bspkrsCore [Including Direction Hud,Armor Status, Status Effect ]
LabyMod [ Only 2.6 Version and above]
Batty's Cordinates plus
UHC Essentials
Increased FOV & Gamma
Keystrokes & CPSMod

So far these are all the allowed mods, if you think any should be added/deleted please contact a member of Staff

Q: How do I report a rule breaker?
A: You can report them http://orionmc.net/forums/report-players.32/

Q: How do I appeal a punishment?
A: You can appeal a punishment here: http://orionmc.net/forums/appeal-punishments.17/

Q: Where can I apply for Moderator, and how long might a response take?
A: You can apply for mod here: https://orionmc.net/threads/moderator-application-template-requirements.3032/ . If you post your app we ask you to be patient because if you ask a staff member about your it will be immediately denied ; I can promise we will get to your app in at the most 2 weeks. Also about posting your app please note " The current minimum age to apply for moderator is 15 years. If you are 14 or younger, you can apply for an age exception by using the template found here.

Q: Where can I report a staff member?
A: You can report a Moderator directly to a Sr. Mod; or a Sr. Mod directly to an Admin. Lastly, if necessary you can report an Administrator directly to An Owner

Q: I deserve a Forum Medal how would I get it?
A: If you deserve a forum medal like Moderator etc, you could DM our forum admin or leave it on our profiles - please be patient we are very busy.

Q: How do I check the leaderboards
A: Go in game and do /lb. Or use this link.

Q: How do I reset my stats
A: http://orionmc.net/link-forums/shop.56/
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