How to have a successful Moderator Application Process


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Mar 16, 2017
Hello there fellow people! (That is a god awful line, gotta come up with something new sometime).

If you are here, right now, reading this thread, chances are, you are going for a Moderator position here! Great! We love to see members of the community getting involved with the staff team! It's a great way to learn more about yourself, and about the server! I'm guessing that if you are here right now, you are stuck, and in need of some help with your application, and if not, this is a great place to start, as, in this handy little thread, I will be taking you guys through everything, from the Application process, to the interview process. So lets begi...

Wait! Before you even touch that application thread, there are some things you need to know, and some requirements that you have to meet.

While going through applications, we look at a few things, before starting your application. We look at;

  • Overall Activity​
  • Community contribution​
  • The amount of messages you have posted (Not a big one, but really helps)​
  • If any hateful/rude remarks have been made.​
  • If you have any recent punishments on our network.​

Now, you may be quivering in your boots, shouting out "I don't have a lot of those things : ((((((" Don't worry yourself young one, they are things we look for, not the general requirements, but, if you really want to boost your chances here, those few things, are a must!

Now, the Requirements. Butttt, before I get into that, I just want to show you guys where to apply, i'll link some handy things down below:

The Template

The place to post your app

Alright, you have those links, you are all ready! Right? Don't know what the requirements mean? Well, I got your back! Let me briefly explain what the requirements mean, and how you can go about meeting them!

Requirement 1: Maturity

Right, so, we hope that if you are applying, you are somewhat mature. But, if you feel like this is not really you, maturity is something that can easily be worked on. You can display maturity in your application very easily, this is something that shines through to us Sr Staff, and it is something that you should take great pride in. For those of you that don't know what "Maturity" is, to sum it up, it is basically staying appropriate, and acting your age, keeping in lose feelings, and not losing your cool when things get out of hand.

Requirement 2: Good Grammar

Grammar, it's something that we need in life, something that will help us through everyday challenges. The way you word your application, can sometime determine how we look at it, and whether or not we Push you through to Pending or not. Now, we understand that, for a lot of you out there, English is not your first language, which, is totally fine! We know it can be a struggle for some of you, which is why, in some cases, we tend to overlook this factor, but, for those of you that we know speak good English, we do expect a refined application from you, as we do have some very high standards for who we hire.

Requirement 3: Commitment & Dedication

When you apply for staff, it is a very good idea to get very familiar with the server, its features, and the community. If we see that you are on most days, actively talking in chat, and actively conversing with the community, that's a big gold star for you! If you are active on the forums, constantly posting, and helping out other members of the community, another big tick for you! However, if we see you are just applying for the heck of it, and have nearly no forums messages, and nearly no in game time, to us, that just shows you are in it for the rank, and you are not interested in helping our server grow. Please keep this in mind when you are applying.

Requirement 4: Activity

This section strongly relates to the "Commitment & Dedication" Requirement. When you go to apply for staff, make sure you are active on all platforms, if we think you are not on enough, and you are not putting in enough effort as a regular player, the Sr Staff team are not going to be all that impressed. Again, this is another big thing we look over when viewing applications, so, also keep this in mind.

The next few requirements are not listed in that particular thread, but are MUST.

Requirement 5: Age

If you do not meet the age requirement of 15, sorry, but you're out of luck. Or are you? Hmm, maybe you could scout the forums and find something along the lines of an age exception... "But Luke" I hear you saying. "Did you just assume my age? I am a very well behaved 13 year old" Well buddy, that may be the case, but, we feel that 15 is the appropriate cut off line, as people at this age, have more experience in handling people, and stressful situations, we wouldn't want you passing out on us, now would we! So unfortunately, if you are under the age of 15, and you make and application, no matter how good it is, it will be instantly declined. Or will it... o_O Sorry all of you young guns!

Requirement 6: Recent Bans

Right now, if you have a ban that is under 4 months old, you May Not apply for moderator, you need to wait 3 months after you ban before you even consider looking at the Moderator Application section of the forums, your attention should be more directed at the Punishment dispute section. Wait, let me overrule myself, there is hope. If you successfully dispute your ban, you may apply, and you will not have to wait the 3 months, just make sure to put the details to your ban in the appropriate section of the application. Adding onto this, if you have a ban that is still in progress, you may not apply for staff, you need to either dispute it, or wait it out, and wait an extra 3 months.

Right, you know all the requirements, and i'm guessing, if you are still here, you meet all of them, awesome! You are now ready to take on the hardest part of the application process!

The Application

So, let me guide you through posting your application, and perfecting it. Please take your time when making an application, its not something that can be rushed!

Lets start, shall we?

First, where to post your application.

The correct place to post your application, would be here. This is called, the "Moderator Applications" section of the forums, here, you can find the template, and some handy guides, that, as well as this one, could help you improve on your application.

Does the application look really big and scary to you, or is it just me? Just me, great. Well, its a good thing i'm in a good mood today! Because, just for you guys, I am going to debunk the application for you! Once I tell you what each section means, and what we are looking for, it'll be a breeze! So, lets get right into it!

First things first, let's name the thread correctly! It should be something along the lines of "[Your Name] - Moderator Application" Like so...

So, now you have at that all sussed out, lets begin on the actual application.

Section 1: Informational

So, the first part of informational, I can’t really help you with, as, only you, know you! All I can say, is answer these truthfully, and don’t lie. We always find ways of getting the truth out.

The second part of this section, is also a big one, and also something I can’t really help you with. All I can say, is that we look for staff that can be active. Also, if you speak any other languages, great! We love to see multilingual staff. But, if you only speak English, don’t worry, that will not decrease your chances of getting staff, because that would be unfair! Wouldn’t it?

Section 2: Moderation

This section, is probably the most important section of the application, nail this, you have a very good chance of being pushed to pending. Answer these questions as if you are a full moderator. Also, use your best ability, that's all you can do! Be honest, and focus on those why questions, we love to see a lot of detail in this section!

Section 3: The More the Better

This section, is purely about you, and your personality. Please answer these truthfully, and don’t lie about your answers, for these questions, that would just be really pointless, and would benefit you in no way. You will have a better chance here if you put down a bad answer and your are honest, rather than making yourself look absolutely perfect by lying. We prefer the truth, full stop.

The Agreement

Not really a section, but it's more important than anything in the application. We need to know that you agree to the things that are listed. Failure to sign the agreement, no matter how good your application is, will see it Immediately Declined. So please, for you and me, sign the agreement.


Now, wasn’t that just a pain to read? Imagine that in a whole application! That’s right, formating is a big part of your application, if you format it in a way, that makes it hard to read, we will most likely just straight up decline it, as, it's not worth our time. So below, i'm going to give you some examples of good, and bad formatting. One of the main ones i'm going to bring up, is, everything in Bold, now, this is a pain for us Sr Staff, and, I know, it's automatically in bold, but, could you just take 2 minutes more, to make sure only necessary things are bolded? Please? Ok, thanks!

Now, never use color is unnecessary places, it's just hard to read, and gives us headaches! Just normal black writing is fine for us!

Please, unbold your writing. The amount of applications we see like this, is crazy. I usually use leave it for @PingShot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. See the irony here? It's all in bold… he.

So, with the bad, also comes the good, there is only really one way we like to see our applications, clean, and not bold...

The Stages

Now, before we continue, I think it is the appropriate time to tell you guys about the moderator application stages. This will also mix in with if you get declined, so, other then this section, you won’t here much of that dreaded word!

Declined: Sorry! But your application was not up to our standards. Don’t let this get you down! Show us that you really want it, pick yourself back up, and just keep improving, prove to us that Orion, is the place for you!

Pending: Well, congrats! You made it to the Pending stage! What does this mean, you ask, well my young one, it means you have passed the hardest part of the application process! Around the time that you have received the response, more Sr Staff will look over, and vote on you application, you can still get Declined on this stage, so watching out! But, let's say you are all good, and the Sr Staff all approve of you, you will then be pushed to…

Interview: Woohoo! Go you. You are now at the final 100m. Before your interview, we recommend that you get to know the staff, and your “Waiting Buddies”. I will go more in depth on this stage later. But, if you pass this stage, congrats! You are a full moderator. Now, let's continue, shall we?


So, let's say you don’t *Insert Dreaded Word Here*, let’s say it all goes well for you. Well, congrats! You will now be in the Pending stage. I can’t give you any tips for this one, as, you have no real influence in what happens, this is solely decided by the Sr Staff. Your name gets put in a hat, and if your name gets pulled out, yay for you! Ha, just kidding. Around the time of you getting a reply, your name will go onto a top secret document, and the Sr Staff will vote on you. So the only thing I can say, is, stay active, and do not bug them. Trust me, we hate being bugged.


You got past pending? Great! This means the Sr Staff think you have potential, and would love to meet with you, and have a Orion interview. This interview will test your ability to moderate our servers, and will also allow us to learn more about you. Pass this, and welcome to the staff team!

I’m Feeling nice today, so I’m going to give you guys a few tips and tricks, without giving away any of the interview.

Tip 1: Water

Ahh, water, we love it! And, when you are talking, this can be a lifesaver. I highly recommend you have a glass of H20 next to you, to help your voice survive the interview. For your sake, as well as mine.

Tip 2: Application

Do not have your application open, because, I can guarantee you, you won’t be needing it. If there is the odd case that you do need it, don’t use it. We can tell when you are reading off something, and that rings alarm bells for us. We want you to use your own knowledge, and not be reading off something. You’ll only be cheating yourself, no one else.

Tip 3: Take your time

Now, we know that for some people, speaking in front of others is very hard. We also know that sometimes things don’t come to people instantly. Which is absolutely fine! I can’t stress this enough, take your time. Don’t rush yourself into the questions, and then 10 seconds later, have nothing to say. Take a few seconds to think about what you are going to say, trust me, just doing this, can pay big time! We would much rather you be confident about what you are saying, then you stumbling over your words because you are making it up as you go along.

That's really all of the tips I can give you. The only other thing is, be prepared, be confident, and be relaxed, this isn’t a business interview, have some fun with it, we don’t bite! Well, @PingShot does sometimes….

So, there we go! Once you get past the interview stage, you're home free! Trust me, you will deserve it, it's not the easiest, nor the fastest application process. But, we like it this way. In the 2-3 timeframe of me writing this guide for you guys, the Sr Staff has seen a lot of applications come and go, some good, some bad, some… But, after reading this, do you think you have what it takes? You, yes you. I see you sitting there, already brainstorming. Come on! Go for gold buddy.

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Mar 18, 2017
I can't tell you how well-structured this guide is! This will definitely help me and many others!
Thank you for this Luke! Keep up the amazing work!

~ Rugged
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Mar 18, 2017

Don't get nervous;

Answer the questions correctly;

If you didn't understand the question ask them if they can repeat it again;

Don't get too hyped if you get it because you'll have your training next and your trial, so;

The guide is good aswell ;)

From a former staff team member for almost 4 months and have been Mod of the Month twice ;)

Regards, Cleanup


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Sr. Moderator
Mar 19, 2017
Thank you very much Luke for giving us tips on how to write a proper staff application for Orion. I would like to wish everyone good luck on getting staff ;)


Apr 4, 2017
Going to start my application now. I have 2 years of experience which I would love to bring to this server! Wish me luck!


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Jul 24, 2017
Great guide!




This can definitely make someone's dream of being part of the Staff dream come true.