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Jun 25, 2019
Name: Alyssa
Preferred Name: Ally
IGN: ilyally
Age: 17
Which region of the world are you from?: NA
What is your favorite thing about the Orion Network?: The staff team is very kind and respectful :))
One embarrassing moment in your life?: I know I've mentioned this somewhere before but in the 5th grade I spilled apple juice all over my white jeans during a class party, and while walking to the nurse's office to change - I walked past an entire class and it was so humiliating haha.
One cool fact about yourself?: I once tricked a group of Australian friends online that I was also Australian by faking an accent (they believed it for like a week).
Favorite color? Pastel Rose
Favorite food? Chow mein
Who are your best friends in the Community?: Mxt, iBlueApple, Hazzy
Did someone tell you about our servers, If so then who?: iBlueApple told me about Orion but I used to play it wayyy back in like 2015 when it was called Gapple Craft.
Are you talented at PvP? I get lucky sometimes but for the most part - not at all haha.
What is your favorite Gamemode?: SG!
When did you first start playing Minecraft?: July 2013
Who is your favorite Staff member?: Hazzy
Who is your favorite Ex-Staff member? I don't know of any ;c
What is your favorite Map?: Holiday Resort
What is your all-time goal while being at the Orion Network?: Be respectful and humble at all times while helping out the community.
What is your favorite Animal?: CATS
What are your PC Specs?: I forget but I do know that I have a 1060 gfx card.
What would you do if you were #1 on the Leaderboards?: Be shook
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Jul 6, 2017
Nice to meet you, Ally! And that '1080 gfx card' sounds pretty much something made for you only XD
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Mar 17, 2017
Smh, tryna tell me I'm your favourite staff member just so I won't ban you for hacking :rolleyes:

jk you're great, kinda
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