Moderator Application Template & Requirements

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The Boss
Mar 16, 2017
Hey all!
This is the new and improved Moderator Application. If you wish to apply for a Moderator position here, create a thread in this section of the forums, and use the template found below. However, before you get to ahead of yourself, make sure you meet the following requirements:

You are at least 15 years of age. If you aren't, some exceptions may be made so you are more than welcome to apply.

You have no punishments on our network within the last month. If you do, you will have to successfully dispute your punishment. If you have a punishment that is over one month, just make sure to say it in the appropriate section.
One more thing before I give you the template, if you need some more help writing the application, or anything around it, you can refer to these guides:

Righty oh, here it is!





Alternative Accounts:

Are you the only person with access to these accounts?:

Discord Tag:

Microphone (Y/N):

Location/Time Zone:


Can you record and upload a video if needed? (Y/N):

How much time can you spend on Orion every day?:


Have you ever been banned/muted on Orion? If so, what for?:

Previous Moderation/Administration experiences (please include links and/or screenshots proving your past experiences):

How would you benefit our staff team?:

What are some punishments on our server? How would you go about handling them?:


What are some goals you might have as an Orion Moderator?:

What have you done to give back to your community, whether it be in real life or online?:

I, (Insert name here), agree to all the Orion rules and understand that if I am caught abusing my powers, I may be demoted, and/or banned. Also I agree that by donating my time, I am not entitled to any promotions. I can also confirm that this application is my work, and is not forged/copied from anywhere else.

Please ensure that the application is yours, and is not copied/forged from anywhere else. If you are found forging your application, or having third party help, you will be Permanently Declined from reapplying.

Here is a key of the different stages and what they mean! (Thanks Justin)

Declined: If your application has been declined, it means that you currently will not be granted the moderator position. Your application can be declined for various reasons such as not meeting our standards, not filling out all the questions properly or lacking in detail.

Pending: If you have made it to the pending stage, congratulations! This means that the rest of the senior staff is currently reviewing your application before either being pushed to the next stage or being declined.

Interview: Good job! You are only one step away from being accepted. At this point, we would like you to connect to our Discord server and ask a member of the Senior Staff to receive your waiting rank and access to the waiting room. After that, please be patient until there is enough Senior Staff online and available to conduct your interview.

Accepted: You did it! From this point you are officially a staff member on the Orion Network. We welcome you to our staff and look forward to working with you together!

I wish all applicants the best of luck!

Thank you all for your continuous support

- Luke and the Orion Sr Management Team.
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