NA West Release + Recent Updates


Nov 19, 2016
Hello Orion Network players,

As you may have noticed, your ping to Orion NA has changed since yesterday, indicating that something big has taken place on Orion over the past 12-24 hours. With that, I am honored to announce that our new NA West location is opening today for all players to experience at 4PM PST, creating a new environment for those looking for a more seamless experience while engaging in PvP.

Location for NA West: Hosted in Phoenix, Arizona (IP will still be

In spirit of the NA West launch, we are also holding a launch livestream right when we launch the new region, which can be found at starting at 4PM PST. As a community, I hope that with Ace's help, we can all jump in to our new NA home and experience everything it has to offer together, so be sure to join us!

Of course, with the launch of NA West, I am also saddened to announce that our NA East region that we had will be going away for the foreseeable future. Down the road, we hope to add more regions which may or may not include NA East, so please stay tuned for updates as we announce them.

Over the past few months, especially with the Summer Update back in June, we have been continuously looking for ways to enrich the player experience and improve every aspect of the network when applicable. Since that update, we have a number of improvements to report on, which have already been pushed to Orion and announced through our social media channels.
  • Discord/MC Linking: Thanks to the efforts of our developers, we have been able to link Discord and MC together in order to provide a quality environment for players to communicate in addition to our popular offering of Teamspeak. More information on the matter can be found here:
  • Leaderboard Relaunch: After several days of having the leaderboards inaccessible, we have finally been able to bring them back! Just as before, just head over to for stats on *ANY* player that has played on Orion through our released gamemodes. Have anything to say about them? If you have any feedback on our leaderboards website, simply DM @OnesRodriguez or @Axanite and they would be honored to help you out!
  • Backend restructuring: Coupled with the fact that EU has become a popular spot for European players, we have pushed a number of improvements to our backend systems in order to ensure smooth rollout of updates to our core systems and other development work. In other words, we are able to have NA and EU " talk" to our central development platform, which means better server performance for all of you!
  • Community Involvement: In addition to the decision to involve staff more with our Discord, we also hosted another Open Mic Night at the beginning of July. While I was not there, I heard great stories from the event and I know that our staff are super excited for the next one to roll out sometime in the future!
In addition to all of that, we have also begun rumoring small portions of information regarding our new gamemode on our official Twitter. For the last 11 days, we have revealed one new thing about the gamemode that will undergo beta testing in the next few weeks. Of course, like anyone, the wait can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking to find out what the next big thing will be at Orion. With that, I have been given permission to say this: In the next few days, we will unravel the mystery of our new gamemode on our Twitter and website, so be sure to follow us on that platform to know all the juicy details right when we release them!

As always, thank you all for supporting us through playing on Orion and donating when possible to allow us to continue offering a great experience in all of our content. For those of you that were able to snag a limited edition Emerald rank, we cannot thank you enough for what you have brought to Orion, and for anyone that was wanting to pick one up, we are definitely looking to have another opportunity for you to join them, so please stay tuned :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I will see you later on NA West!

-nintendoway (on behalf of the Orion Network administration team)


OMG! This is awesome for me because I live in Arizona. I bet I'll get godly ping now since I'm very close to Phoenix!