New Gamemode Contest (WIN EMERALD DONOR)


Jul 13, 2016
The Orion development team is looking into adding another gamemode to the network. We want our next gamemode to be unique.

In order to have as much community involvement in the design process as possible, we are announcing a contest to help design it. To enter, fill out the survey linked below with your creative and unique designs. You are more than welcome to discuss ideas as replies to this thread, but please note that if you share your ideas, then others may try to steal it. Additionally, you may submit unlimited responses. Just keep taking the survey over and over again until you are out of ideas!

  • You may submit as many ideas as you want.
  • The staff are not obligated to choose a winner. We will only choose a winner if there is an idea that we actually want to use.
  • If there is a winner they will receive lifetime Emerald donor (our highest donor rank).
  • All gamemodes must be unique. This doesn't mean that they can't be similar to an existing gamemode, but they must at least have a unique twist that makes them exclusive to Orion.
  • The development and ownership teams will make the final decision, however, if we get a lot of great ideas we may have the community vote on the top three.
Some general tips!
  • Try to satisfy as many of the following attributes as possible.
  1. Fun (required)
  2. Easy to develop.
  3. Lots of maps already available, or easy to create the maps (only a few custom maps needed, or it uses natural MC generation).
  4. Unique (required)
  5. Easy for new players to learn.
  6. Compatible with a small and large number of players (this way it can be utilized during peak and non-peak hours).
  7. Contains good donor perks, but they don't give an unfair advantage (pay to win perks are not ok).
  8. Stats and leaderboards system is simple and easy to understand.
  • While we are open to other options, we are trying to cater Orion towards the SG style of PVP.
  • One area we are looking into is something that could directly use a large portion of our existing SG infrastructure. This could save a lot of development time, and we already have a ton of great SG maps. Maybe SG with multiple lives or something like that? If you don't have a good place to start, maybe think of what could still be done with SG.
  • If your idea can be found on another network, don't even submit it.
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