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Aug 20, 2016
By joining the Orion Network you agree to have read and accepted our rules and you are aware of the consequences of violating these rules. You may not exploit any loopholes in these rules and you may be punished if you are found doing so. Also note that the administration reserves the right to alter these rules at any given time. We thank you for your understanding.

General Rules

I: Respect all staff members and the decisions they make.
As a community member, you are expected to respect the decisions made by any member of staff. If you feel a member of staff is abusing their power or making the wrong decision, report it to a higher ranking staff member. As of now, the Orion Network staff team has five staff ranks. The order goes Moderator, Senior Moderator, Admin, Developer, and Owner.

i: You can trust our staff members in making the right decisions as we try to improve the network to the best of our abilities and in the best interest of our community. You might not always agree with our decisions, but you will need to trust our judgment in those situations.

ii: Disobeying, back talking or blatantly showing disrespect to a member of staff will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a member of staff, please take it up to a person of higher ranking.

iii: If you believe that a member of staff is doing their job incorrectly, please report them to a higher ranking staff member. Report Moderators to Senior Mods, Senior Mods to Admins, and Admins and Developers directly to the Owner. Make sure to include valid evidence of your claim as it may be instantly rejected otherwise. Reports can be filed in the report section on the website.

iv: We cannot be held responsible for actions of our staff members on another network. However, if they claim to be a staff member on the Orion Network while causing said trouble, and thus tarnish our reputation, please file a report including evidence and the situation will be dealt with appropriately.

v: Staff members can be contacted at any time on any of our platforms: in game, Discord, or on the forums, preferably in that respective order. Make sure to verify if the staff member is actually present and not away from their keyboard (AFK). Also, please respect our ranking and contact a moderator first. If no moderators are around, you may contact a member of the Senior Staff. If it involves a report regarding a moderator, please get in contact with a member of the Senior Staff directly.

II: Respect all members of the community. Just as in real life, you are expected to respect all members in this community. This includes the following: Don’t harass, abuse, target, spread rumors, be sexist, be homophobic, and be racist to players.

i: If someone is telling you to stop harassing them or is making it obvious that they are feeling abused, you need to stop what you are saying or doing to them. Harassment is taken very seriously on the Orion Network and if you are found disrespecting a user or group of users, you will be punished according to our rules. Depending on the severity of your actions, you may even risk to be permanently removed from the network. Even if a staff member is not around, we have ways of finding out what you said. Harassment/abuse can be seen through the following actions as well: targeting/stalking players, spreading rumors, homophobia, antagonizing.

ii: Do not discriminate other users. Our player base consists of members from various races, countries or religions and of different genders or sexual orientations. No matter what this may be, we do not want any member to feel left out or discriminated because of who they are. If you are unsure if something is classified as discriminating, please verify with a member of staff.

III: Do not interfere with issues between staff and a specific user or group. Interfering with these issues could cause or intensify drama.

i: This includes ban disputes, bans, arguments and other private issues.

IV: Limit the use of derogatory or profane language. Swearing is allowed on the Orion Network, however only light swear words are permitted. The chat should be kept PG13. If you are caught using swear words to harass or abuse others you will be dealt with appropriately.

i: Inappropriate usernames will be instantly removed from the network unless changed. If your Minecraft account has been banned for having an inappropriate username, you may use an alternate account that is considered as appropriate in the meantime until the name of the other account has been changed.

ii: The use of minor to moderate swear words such as crap, damn, shoot, fuck, shit, etc. is allowed.

iii. The use of these words for self expression or emotion is allowed, however if you are caught using swear words to harass, abuse, etc you will be punished appropriately.

iv: Bypassing the swear filter will result in an immediate punishment, no matter the type of word bypassed.

v: If you are unsure whether a word is considered as inappropriate or as a minor to moderate swear word, please contact a member of staff through a private conversation.

V: Do not release personal information about someone. We want everyone to feel safe and if private information is being leaked, it could make users feel uncomfortable and threatened.

i: This information includes a person’s real name, age, location, etc. that has not already been posted by them or that has been leaked without their authorization.

VI: Do not argue or start flame wars. Do not start flame wars or arguments. This just creates drama which we don’t want on the server. We want this to be a server for everyone to have fun.

i: The difference between an argument and a discussion is that in a discussion both parties provide valid points contributing to the topic and listen to the other's statements. An argument is a pointless disagreement in which one side continuously tries to claim that the opposing party is wrong without providing any explanation or validation.

ii: Trolling or flaming threads are not allowed as they may cause arguments. If a user continues to troll another user, group of users or staff, their message(s) will be removed and they will be dealt with appropriately according to the rules for arguing or flaming.

iii: If a member of staff tells you to stop arguing, you need to stop.

iv: Controversial topics that may cause harassment, flame wars, or hate are not allowed.

VII: Do not spam. You are not allowed to spam, flood, or use excess caps in chat.

i: If the same message is repeated more than three times in a short amount of time, it is considered as spam.

ii: If the message or the majority of it is in all caps, it is not allowed.

VIII: Advertising is not allowed. Advertising other communities or events for personal benefit is not allowed.

i: Do not post links unless asked for.

ii: Posting links to videos are not allowed unless asked for, and they must contain Orion Network content.

iii: Posting links to live streams are allowed on condition that the stream contains Orion Network content. You may only advertise your live stream once every 30 minutes in the hub or once every game.

iv: Links, IPs or addresses to other communities are forbidden. No posting malicious links! This includes screamers, pornography, and anything that could be inappropriate or harmful.

v: Saying things like "Leave the Orion Network for [random community] is not allowed and will also be considered and dealt with as advertising.

vi: Having a forum signature that violates these rules will not be tolerated and will be removed instantly.

vii: If you are unsure whether something is classified as advertising, contact a staff member.

viii: Selling items for monetary value for personal gain or benefit is not allowed on the network and will be dealt with accordingly. Selling art, however, is an exception.

IX: Do not exploit bugs or glitches. You are not allowed to exploit bugs or glitches. This includes things such as op items, diamond sword hands, etc.

i: If you are caught abusing any bug or glitch you will be removed from the game and dealt with.

ii: You may report bugs and glitches on the forums in the appropriate section. Make sure you include all the necessary information such as server details, time and date, game type, description of the issue and if possible an image or video to backup your report.

X: Do not use alternate accounts to benefit yourself. Using more than one account on our network to benefit you is unfair to those who do not have alternate accounts.

i: Using an alternate account to avoid getting around a ban or mute is not allowed. Along with your main account, your alternate account will be removed or silenced from the network according to the rules.

ii: You may use an alternate account if you were previously banned for having an inappropriate name, on condition that this other account is appropriate.

iii: Creating an alternate account on the forums to benefit yourself, for example for like boosting, will not be tolerated. You may only possess one account on the forums at a time and any alternate account will be deleted along with the content attached to it.

iv: You may not control more than one account at the time on our network unless given authorization by the Senior Staff.

v: You may not use alternate accounts to improve your stats in any gamemode.

XI: Do not mislead people. Do not mislead people by giving them false information that may trick them into doing something idiotic.

i: Messages about ALT+F4 or CTRL+W are not allowed.

ii: Impersonating staff or famous people is not allowed.

XII: Any criminal activities such as DDOSing or committing financial fraud is not allowed. If you are found doing so you will be removed permanently across the entire network. This also applies to blatantly threatening someone’s life or security. Any action found illegal by the administration will be passed on to be dealt with by the law enforcement.

XIII: Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun here on the Orion Network!

In-game Rules

I: All General Rules apply.
The general rules written above apply on all Orion Network platforms, including in game.

II: Any hacked or modded client is not allowed on the servers. As on most servers, anything that gives a player an unfair advantage will not be allowed! This includes any Hacked Clients and Modded Clients.

i: If you are found using a hacked or modded client on our Network, you will be punished accordingly.

ii: Hacked clients contain hacks that both influence your gameplay as well as the gameplay of other players on the server. Commonly known hacks include, but are not limited to:

Aimbot, Auto Armor, Astronaut, Bull, Bunny, Criticals, Dolphin, Extinguish, Ghost or Phase, Glide, Flying, Fast Eat, Fast Ladder, Kill Aura, No Knockback, No Slowdown, No Swing, Rapid Fire, Regeneration, Speed, Spider, Sneak, Step, Macros, Water Walking.

iii: Modded clients contain alterations that only influence the gameplay of the player using the client. Commonly known modifications that are not allowed on the Orion Network include, but are not limited to:

Chest finder, Player ESP, X-ray …

iv: Some modifications that do not affect the gameplay of other players are allowed on the network. These mods include, but are not limited to:

Optifine, Increased Gamma / Brightness, UHC Essentials …

v: If you are not sure whether a mod you are using is against the rules or not, please get in contact with a member of staff.

vi: Modifications to increase your FPS or textures such as Shaders are allowed. Clients such as Badlion Client, Cheatbreaker, etc are also allowed.

III: Do not use inappropriate skins or capes. Any skin or cape that is used on the servers needs to be PG to PG-13, but not R. We have children of all ages playing on our network who do not need to see such things.

i: Inappropriate skins or capes including racist or nude elements, swastikas or genitalia will not be tolerated on the servers.

ii: If you have been warned by a staff member for using an inappropriate cape or skin, please disconnect from the server and change your skin or cape before continuing to play on our network. Otherwise you risk being punished accordingly.

IV: Do not reveal player disguises. Revealing the actual name under a disguise name is not allowed, and will be punishable if done so.

V: Teaming is not allowed in Free For All, but is allowed in Survival Games.

Forum Rules

I: All General Rules apply.
The general rules written above apply on all Orion Network platforms, including the forums.

II: Post in the correct section on the forums. If you have looked through our forums, you can tell there are many different sections for different types of posts. We ask that you post in the appropriate section relating to the topic you are talking about.

III: Do not multipost. Posting consecutive multiple comments within a short period of time is not allowed as it only creates spam and makes it harder for other community members to read a thread.

i: Please use the EDIT button if you wish to add another thought or comment to your previous post and no one has replied to the thread yet.

ii: If a relatively large amount of time has past after your comment or if there is a new update to the thread, you are allowed to post a new comment. Also, you may bump a thread every 24 hours if you have not received a reply by then.

IV: Do not replicate or repost a thread. Replicating an existing thread or resubmitting a previously deleted thread will not be tolerated and will be removed from the forums.

i: If you wish to find out whether a thread has already been created in the past or not, please use the search function and add your keyword.

ii: If your thread has been deleted, it has been deleted for a reason. Please do not repost this thread but ask a staff member for further information if needed instead.

V: Do not grave dig or necro post. Threads that have been inactive for a long time or that aren’t relevant anymore should be left alone.

i: If a thread hasn’t been replied to in over a month and does not contain a relevant topic anymore, please do not reply. Any thread that has been necro posted to will be locked.

ii: We understand that accidents may happen and you will not be punished instantly if this is the case. However, if you are found necro posting to multiple threads on purpose, action will be taken against you.

VI: Do not post pointless threads or comments. Threads that do not support valid discussion or comments that are not related to the topic of the thread will be removed.

i: Comments such as ‘first’ and ‘second’ will be removed on sight since they are pointless and do not contribute to the discussion.

ii: Threads that contain a controversial topic or nearly no content at all will be moved or deleted.

VII: Screamers, offensive, pornographic and sexual material is not allowed. Whether it's swastikas or lingerie models, such content is not allowed on our forums. If a moderator does not feel like the content is PG-13 and would not be appropriate for children to see, then it will be removed. All incidents are taken on a case-by-case basis, but the decision made is final. You will also receive an appropriate punishment and be removed from the website if you are found doing so.

VIII: Punishment disputes. If you believe that you have been banned or muted unfairly on the Orion network, you may submit a punishment dispute on the forums.

i: Please post your punishment dispute in the appropriate section of the forums, following the provided template. If you fail to do so your thread will be locked or deleted.

ii: If possible, please provide sufficient evidence or a detailed explanation as to why you have been banned unfairly to prove your innocence.

iii: Please do not bother (senior) staff to review your dispute. If you are found doing so continuously, your dispute will be closed.

iv: You are not allowed to submit a dispute for someone else and vice versa.

IX: Report abuse. If you found someone breaking the rules on the Orion Network, you can report them on the forums.

i: Please post your report abuse in the appropriate section of the forums, following the provided template. If you fail to do so, we may have to close your report due to lack of information.

ii: Please make sure you provide sufficient evidence of this member breaking the rules.

iii: Regarding video evidence, we only accept videos only that have been uploaded to youtube.com and that have been set to unlisted.

iv: Regarding chat evidence, we only accept full screenshots uploaded on imgur.com. The main reason for this being is that we want to avoid any tampered or cropped evidence and avoid lack of context before judging the situation.

v: Submitting fake evidence in order to get someone banned or muted on purpose will not be tolerated. You will be removed permanently across the entire network if you are found doing so.

Discord Rules

I: All General Rules apply.
The general rules written above apply on all Orion Network platforms, including the Discord server.

II: Do not continuously switch between channels. ‘Channel hopping’ is both an annoyance and inconvenience to the people using our public and private chats.

III: Using soundboards or playing music is allowed under certain conditions. You may play music through an instrument or voice in a public channel on condition that everyone present in the channel agrees. If one person does not agree, you may not play anything in the channel. Playing soundboards in a public channel is strictly prohibited. However, playing a soundboard or music in private channels is allowed only on condition that everyone present in the channel agrees.

IV: Refrain from inappropriate profile pictures. Your profile picture may not contain any offensive, pornographic, or sexual material of any kind. Violent or graphic images should not be used as your profile picture either. Please make sure you keep your profile pictures PG to PG-13.

V: Inappropriate emojis are not permitted. The Orion Discord does have a few emojis that have been added in as jokes, but you should never use emojis that contain any graphic, violent, or sexual content. Emojis are fun to use, but use them responsibly.

VI: Do not continuously follow members. Stalking other members in our channels or following those who wish to not talk to you is harassment. If any member of our discord wishes for you to leave them alone, do respect that. Following around somebody to ‘mess with them’ is a punishable offense.

VII: Spamming commands to our Discord bots is not allowed. Spamming or abusing the Discord bots is not acceptable and can be considered highly annoying. It floods the chats for other members. Our bots are to be used appropriately.

VIII: You may advertise Orion content only.We love content creators to share their newest videos and livestreams in the #advertising channel, however the media must be Orion Network content. Posting media from other networks or platforms if prohibited.

Special thanks to @Nephilim , @Kat , @ItsKitKat , the Sr. Staff team, and the Administration team for helping with the creation of these rules.
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