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Aug 20, 2016
Hello everyone!

With our first launch back in 2017, Orion Network has gone far to provide a home to over 100,000 players coming from over 150 different countries. We’ve always strived to bring the best designed game structure for you all, and after many months of hard work and being stuck in beta, we have finished in completely redesigning our network infrastructure. Ladies and gentlemen, I alongside the rest of the Orion staff team, am proud to announce the launch of Orion Network V2!

When is Orion launching?
Orion is launching on Saturday, August 10th, 2019 at 1 P.M. PDT. The ip to the server will be Here is a time convertor to the release time:

What game modes will be playable?
We will be launching with Survival Games. Donators+ and clan leaders will also be able to host custom SG’s which are fully optimized for clan battles, tournaments, or fun private games! Stats and leaderboards will be viewable at

What regions will you be supporting?
We will be launching our network in both North American and European data centers. Using the ip, you will be geo-routed to the closet network, and you will be able to join games in both regions. You may also directly connect to either region using or, but these ips WILL NOT failover incase one region goes down.

What new changes will there be with the V2 update?
The spoiler below consists of the V2 changelog. Keep in mind that more features will be added in later this month.

  • Hubs
    • New Hub design
    • Multiple hub balancing with multi-regional support
    • Hub inventory has been simplified
    • Gamemodes have an included description within the GUI
    • Scoreboard changes
    • Parkour mini-game
    • Launchpads work again
    • Leaderboards moved from in-game to
    • Player options item added (features rolling out soon)
    • Cosmetics item added (features rolling out soon)
    • /fly and /chatcolor are back! (premium feature)
  • Survival Games
    • New SG lobby design
    • New maps have the featured tag, and show as the first voting options
    • New items added in SG tiering
    • Scoreboard changes
    • Hosted SG overhaul
    • More Hosted SG Mutators (with more coming soon)
    • Tournament leaderboards support
    • Ability to quickly join a new game after dying
  • Backend
    • Completely new & more efficient database infrastructure
    • Added multi-proxy and regional support - properly
    • New ZEUS architecture
    • ZEUS staff panel integration
  • Globally
    • Discord and forum linking
    • New leaderboards design
    • Scoreboard function revamp
    • 1.7-1.13+ support
    • Currency system - Stars (no use just yet)
    • Plasmacubes (more info coming soon!)
    • Punishments system revamped
    • Punishments reset
    • New game server jar, with knockback improvements
    • Anticheat data logging for ZEUS

What do I do if I found a bug?
Although we will be coming out of beta, not everything is perfect. To help us squash out those little critters, report any bugs you find by clicking here.

Where can I apply to be a staff member?
We’re always hiring and looking for the best talent out there to be Orion’s first line of defense. Think you meet our requirements? Apply by clicking here.

Where can I apply as a content creator?
If you are a rising YouTuber or Twitch streamer, you can apply for our VIP rank at

Thank you all for being very patient with us. We’ve gone through a lot of obstacles, but I can’t wait to see you all enjoy our V2 update this Saturday! Until then, if you have any questions, feel free to post them below or PM a staff member!

- The Orion Network Staff Team

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May 30, 2017
Great, I can't wait. Thank you to the Owners, Administrators, and Alex (;)) for all of the planning, developing, and money to get Orion back up. I appreciate all of the work that you do for the community.

Lets have a great release :p