Orion "Region" Update: NA Central, General Improvements, and more!


Nov 19, 2016
Hello Orion Network Players,

Welcome to the Orion *Region* Update! Through this post, we aim to deliver important information regarding changes that have taken place in the last 24-48 hours in order to continue making Orion a better environment for all of our players, regardless of what region they are a part of.

Ever since our North American region switched to NA West, we have been receiving feedback regarding high ping for those that live in other parts of the country, particularly from those living on the East Coast. Of course, in addition to the high ping, we also experienced many technical difficulties with our datacenter location that Orion was being hosted from, and with uptime becoming a noticeable concern, we knew that a change needed to take place as soon as possible. With that, I am pleased to announce that as of this post, Orion NA is back online in a new location, but instead of East or West, we have moved to NA Central!

Through our transition to NA Central, we believe that the player experience for those that live in any part of the North American region will be able to play Orion without experiencing any preferential ping towards a particular region. Physically, we have moved our location from Phoenix, Arizona to Dallas, Texas, giving us a central node for Orion to better support North America. In early testing conducted by the administration and staff team, we have been able to get better ping from across North America, notably being more equal all-around for every player, allowing for an equal playing field when conducting PvP on Orion.

With our transition to NA Central however, we also had to unfortunately make the decision to temporarily remove our European region due to low player presence overall in that location. In making this decision, we realize that some players are negatively impacted by the closure, and we apologize in advance, however the ping to our central location compared to our NA West location should be at least 20-40ms better for anyone playing in Europe. Once we are able to sustain an active playerbase in all of our provided regions, we hope to return Orion EU to its rightful glory, so please stay tuned for updates in the foreseeable future.

(With having EU closed, *all* Orion IPs [na.orionmc.net, eu.orionmc.net, play.orionmc.net] will route to our NA Central location)

In addition to location, we are also happy to announce some other key developments happening across Orion:

· New Spigot Jar: In this change, we are able to implement custom changes to the Minecraft experience that are different compared to what has been on Orion. In particular, we now have 100% control over knockback, XP is back, hit detection is improved, and the bow/rod delay has decreased. Come check out the network and experience all these changes for yourself!

· New Gamemode: Work has continued on the new gamemode and we hope to share more information with you soon regarding its progress and full details. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for more information in the coming future!

· Emerald Sale: If you haven’t heard, we are selling Emerald ranks again for a limited time! At this time, we have three left in stock (as two have already been purchased), so make sure to take advantage of this special opportunity before we run out! (Ranks can be purchased at store.orionmc.net)

As always, thank you for taking the time to read about the latest and greatest on Orion, and we hope you all enjoy the “Region” Update!

-nintendoway (on behalf of the Orion Network Administration Team)