Information Public Beta Test Announcement


Apr 1, 2017
The wait is finally over.

After weeks of tireless work by myself, hours of endless testing, hundreds of suggestions and bug reports - it's now time for the fun to begin.
Welcome back to Orion, ladies and gentlemen!
There's nothing that gets the blood pumping like a dramatic introduction, eh?)

This weekend, we'll be hosting a public beta event:
  • Starts on Friday, 26th July 2019 at 1pm PST (here's a countdown timer in your specific timezone)
  • Finishes on Sunday, 28th July 2019 at 9pm PST (again, here's another countdown timer for you!)
  • IP: Same as ever -
A lot of of you have been asking questions like: "How long is it going to take?" "When are you releasing?" "Will you be open before we go back to school?". In response, I'd like to take a moment first to thank all of you for your endless support. This, as I'm sure you're aware, will be the third attempt at "Orion V2" and we're finally in a place where we have a stable development team (of one... *waves*) and a stable end product that we're happy with. Our staff team and a select group of content creators have been lucky enough to view the project in it's later stages of development, but as a development team we're happy to show off what we've been working on.

If you do happen to come across any bugs while you're playing then please report them immediately in the Bug Reports forum - I might not get a chance to reply/fix the bug straight away, but I will be spending time after the beta has finished squishing the bugs so I will get around to your report!

In the same way, we feel it's important our community has a say in the way Orion works - from little details such as the wording of messages, right up to the big decisions that affect game mechanics. If you have any suggestions please post a thread in the Suggestions forum. Once again, I may not reply instantly but I will make sure I view every thread as soon as I possibly can.

And that's pretty much all I have to say right now.

I'd like to take this opportunity again, on behalf of the whole staff team, to thank YOU (yes, you!)
for your enthusiasm and support since our first ever launch back in 2017. It's been a long ride, but
we've finally finished our long-awaited makeover - and we hope you like it.

We're ready... are you?

Alex & the Orion Network staff team.

Oh! I almost forgot... here's a teaser of something coming soon. ;)