Jun 30, 2017
Hey guys! So today I decided to officially resign from Orion.

I want to move on and do different things, and I feel like Orion just isn't for me.

I like to do different things now, like play CS:GO and Basketball, and with school coming up I won't have time for Orion. This is also because I'm an Owner of another network and when I do come on Minecraft I will be prioritizing my server. The staff team on this network is amazing and I want to give a huge thumbs up to that.

I want to thank one person in specific, @Krement. I feel like Krement did most things for me whenever I needed help, he also was the one that trained me and did my interview, shout out to him.

Anyways, bye everyone, if you want to stay in contact PM me for my twitter, discord, or telegram.



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Sr. Moderator
Mar 19, 2017
Good luck with everything dude, I wish you were staff for longer to show us all of your abilities!
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