We're hiring!


Mar 18, 2017
Hello there everyone!

We are so happy that everyone is enjoying The Summer Update so far! We are really appreciating all the positive feedback.

We are always trying to improve the network with suggestions from you guys. We are working on adding a new original gamemode and it’s all up to you guys! If you think you have got a great idea for a gamemode, suggest it here, and hey, you might even win an Emerald Donor rank!

Now, with The Summer Update we also released our newest region - EU. We are happy that a lot of you are enjoying playing on the EU servers.
With a new region, means that we also need new Moderators for that region.

If you are EU and you think you’ve got what it takes to become a Moderator, please don’t hesitate to apply.
We don’t bite, I promise ;)

We also have made some changes to the Moderator Application Process.
The requirements to be able to apply for Moderator are:
  • You need to be 14 years or older. More here
  • You have no punishments on the network that are under 1 month old. (Or disputed successfully)
You can find all this information in depth with the new and improved Moderator Application Template here: https://orionmc.net/threads/moderator-application-template-requirements.3032/

Thank you and we hope that all of you have a wonderful Summer (Or winter for others in other countries :p)
- Orion Senior Staff Team!
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